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Process Tree

1. Requirements

We incur with our Client regarding the type of Project they expect from us

requirements requirements
planning planning

2. Propose Plan

Once we’re done with the first step, we propose a plan containing feasible steps required  for the execution of the project.

3. Prototype/ Visual Graphics/ Content

A preleminary model is showcased to our client who is then given the power to rectify the model.

prototype prototype
locking locking

4. Lock Requirements

What our client visualizes and what we can offer will be discussed and locked down into a contract.

5. Execution

After getting the green signal from our client, we start executing the steps required to finalize the project.

execution execution
testing testing

6. Testing

The final project is tested by our skilled workforce to ensure there is no inaccuracy or any incompatibility. 

7. Deliver Project

After testing the final project and getting a heads up from our boss, the project is delivered to our client.

delivery delivery
support-and-maintainance support-and-maintainance

8. Support & Maintenance

In case of fallacy or any other reason, our team is always available to support and assist our clients.